Confessions From The Chemo Chair #1

Confessions from the Chemo Chair #1: Ear buds in-We Are The Champions pumping. The ride has begun. Keep all limbs and tits inside the confines of the recliner and ride this out. Slaying the Boobie Beast one last time!

Chemo Girl's Words Of Wisdom

This is a collection of posting beginning from shortly before chemo began in December 2012 to when chemo ended on Valentine's Day ... little snippets of what was running through my head - Read on! Chemo Girl's Words of Wisdom Part #1: The difference between denial and surrender? Perspective. Five years ago-I plowed thru chemo telling everyone around me that I was fine-thinking that would make it so. I didn't rest as much as I should have, and I probably allowed some of those side effects to be worse than they had to be (sleeping your way thru the shitty days is so much easier). This time-if I feel like crap I'm staying in bed-and my little world will be waiting for me once I feel better (un

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