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World Cancer Day 2018

Ten years ago my life changed forever. I was set on a different path, not one that I chose or even believed I could embrace. It wasn't what I wanted for myself, my kids, or my family. It wasn’t ever a part of my plan but it suddenly became my reality.

Author, advocate, in patient, and impatient I pushed back and pushed boundaries. I lost hair, I gained weight

and I found myself.

Five years ago the monster I thought I beaten swept back into my life. I doubled down. I fought harder and became fiercer. Body parts cast away in the name of survival. Hair made its exodus again and in the face of fear I now roared. I’m just one member in a formidable army of game changers, fighters, survivors, and thrivers. So drink the wine, eat the cake, take the trip, buy the shoes, love hard, and laugh until you cry.

Life is short, make it count.

Today is #worldcancerday.

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