Body Shaming

In the past few weeks we've watched as 'reporters' (I use this term very loosely) shamed Kelly Clarkson for not losing her baby weight quickly enough and diagnosed Giuliana Rancic as anorexic. Can we just stop already? We live in a Photoshop age. Every single image you see in print or online is digitally altered in some way. Every. Single. Image. Let that seep in. It's all smoke and mirrors, folks. As a society we have lost sight of what real people look like. We have become so accustomed to seeing manipulated 'ideal body' imagery we have no idea what real live healthy people should look like. We have young girls growing up loathing the body they see in the mirror because their thigh gap isn

How To Tell Your Kids About Cancer

I think the worst day of my life was the day my husband and I chose to tell our young boys about my cancer diagnosis. We both knew we had to tell them sooner rather than later. Things move fast in a household turned upside down when cancer barges in. I had already been home from work for a few days, recovering from a biopsy and then meeting my surgeon for the pathology reports and going for the seemingly endless tests that follow. As is typical in my house - I don't overthink anything. I go with my gut and jump in with both feet. I didn't know the right way to say or do what I was about to do but I did know three things were paramount in that moment: *I didn't want to scare my childr

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