Celebrate Life - Celebrate YOU

This is the speech I was so honored to give at Red Bank Regional High School at the opening ceremonies of Relay For Life. Unfortunatly my phone crapped out for the last 90 seconds so that part is in brackets below - it's just the ending. Read on - check the you tube video out and as always, please share. "My cancer story begins in May 2007, smack in the middle of my life. I was a 38 year old mom of two young boys aged 9 and 11. I worked in the design offices of an internationally known fashion company. I had a loving husband, an SUV, a big dog, and a home not too far from the beach. I had a supportive family, good friends, and many obligations. I had plenty of joy, pain, laughter, and frustr

I Don't Count

"Just remember - the light at the end of the tunnel may be you." - Aerosmith, "Amazing" "Oh I had breast cancer too but mine was easy, I don't count." These words, that I've heard stated from other survivors, break my heart. I've listened to them tumble into conversations countless times in many different contexts and yet each time I have to catch my breath and resist reaching out to shake some sense into whomever just said it. UMMM, WE ALL COUNT. One thing I have realized in the past eight years is that cancer is not just a disease it's a community. Yes, we may all have different types: breast, bone, thyroid, melanoma, pancreatic, brain, ovarian, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (suffi

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