I've always been very upfront and honest when discussing my dance with cancer. I'll tell you anything you want to know about my treatment, surgeries, complications, and coping tools. I'll readily flash my counterfeit tits if anyone wants to see the end result of my surgery (props to my surgeon, she is gifted) and when it comes to surviving breast cancer, I have nothing to hide. But there are things I won't (or can't) share, such as the impact of my diagnosis on my friends and family. I only know what I saw from my perspective - not theirs. I don't know how they acted when not in my presence. I don't know how it felt for them to get that phone call about my diagnosis. I don't know what it was

15 Random Things

I saw this post from a blog I follow, Nancy’s Point, and I thought it would be a fun challenge…to tell each of you 15 random facts about me that you may not know (although, it was a challenge in and of itself to find random facts that I didn’t already write about in my book or share on my blog). If you blog, write, or just want to share 15 random facts about yourself then please repost and share your blog or list it in the comments, I'd love to learn a little more about you as well! Here we go… 15 random things: 1. I love to sing loudly in the car. Especially when stuck in traffic. 2. I am completely tone deaf – therefore my singing will only be done in the car – and alone. 3. Whenever I hea

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