You Are What You Eat - Aren't You?

I recently wrote a blog entitled, The Diet Dance, discussing the facts and myths regarding what you should (or should not) be eating after a cancer diagnosis. I reflected on poor choices I had made and how I moved forward and made some lifestyle changes after my first diagnosis. I opined about what was working for me now as a two-time survivor, becoming an uncompassionate vegan, and why I had made such a radical decision. This the follow-up to that article... In The Diet Dance I stated that I opted for a plant based diet because being a tamoxi-babe (me) is damn hard. I complained to my oncologist that thanks to the tamoxi-bitch (the medicine I take – renamed) I now suffer from a plague of ac

My Boobiversary

2007 was a really bad year, from start to finish and being diagnosed with breast cancer smack in the middle of it was the coupe de grace. I struggled and I fought. I lost both my hair and my job. I gained both weight and knowledge. I was never the same - and that's ok, Jenn 2.0 is so much better than the original. I commemorate two cancerversarys from that year; the date of my diagnosis and the date I was told I was cancer-free. Both important in their own ways and both remind me to breath, live, love, and laugh - because it can all be snatched away in a moment. 2012 was different and I was in a very different place. Having just published my book, Does This Outfit Make Me Look Bald? I was

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