L’chaim – To Lyfe!

No matter what’s going on in my life there are some things, that I will ALWAYS make time for; a Lyfebulb event is one of those things. I attended the most recent event as I was in the middle of a big move – accepting a new and exciting position ten hours away from where I currently live. Should I have been home packing boxes and sorting through closets that would make a hoarder proud? Yep, but instead I was in New York City, drink in hand, ready to dive into hors d'oeuvres and stimulating conversations. Lyfebulb is an organization which hosts social events for anyone living with a chronic illness, cancer included, to network not only with others that are walking the same path but with top do

Two Halves One Whole

In order of importance, this is my life in a snapshot: first, the people in my life, my family and my friends. Second, what I do in this life, my work and my advocacy. While I’ve never given anything less than 100% at the office (even during treatment I took less time off for surgery and chemo than most women do for maternity leave). I’ve also never hid my devotion to the breast cancer community; even on my resume and Linked In profile my affiliations and charitable work are clearly listed…but I’m beginning to wonder … at what cost? Not once has my advocacy interfered with my work. They are two equal parts of what makes me me but they rarely, if ever, comingle. Typically, my advocacy work is

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