A Pink Roster

*Amy Robach, 42, *Anastacia, 34, Andrea Mitchell, 64, *Ann Jillian, 35, Ann Romney, 59, Anne Klein, 50, Bella Abzug, 73, Betsy Johnson, 58, Bette Davis, 75, Betty Ford, 56, Brigitte Bardot, 49, Carly Simon, 52, Chrissy Amphlet, 51, *Christina Applegate, 36, Cokie Roberts, 58, *Cynthia Nixon, 40, Dame Maggie Smith, 73, Diahann Caroll, 62, Dorothy Hamill, 52, Dusty Springfield, 55, *Edie Falco, 40, Elizabeth Edwards, 55, Erma Bombeck, 65, Evelyn Lauder, 71, Gloria Steinem, 52, Greta Garbo, 79, *Guiliana Rancic, 36, *Hoda Kotb, 43, Ingrid Bergman, 60, Jackie Collins, 71, Jaclyn Smith, 56, Jane Fonda, 72, Jennifer Saunders, 51, *Jill Eikenberry, 39, Jill Ireland, 48, Joan Kennedy, 69, Joan Lunde

Remembering Sweet Years & Dear Friends

“Do you remember when we used to dance? And incidence arose from circumstance. One thing led to another, we were young, and we would scream together songs unsung. It was the heat of the moment telling me what your heart meant. The heat of the moment shone in your eyes.” -Asia, "Heat Of The Moment" A few months ago, via Facebook, I became aware that next year marks 30 years since I graduated high school. Shortly thereafter I received an email reminding me that it’s been 25 years since I donned the black cap and gown and walked into my adult life after my college days ended. Reunions. Every five years or so one sneaks up and you’ll have some decisions to make. Who’s going to be there? Will it

Survivorship By The Numbers

.....and I hate numbers! 12 surgeries in 8 years. 12 rounds of chemo 34 rounds of Herceptin 8 more years of Tamoxifen (2 down) 36 rounds of radiation 4 lost toenails 2 lost fingernails 2 eyebrows that defected ... to my chin apparently 136 blood tests (roughly) 8 MRIs 2 bone scans 6 biopsies 6 months between doctor appointments...to infinity That's awareness

A Time For Me

I was honored to have been asked to give a speech on behalf of the recipients of A Time For Me...an volunteer organization that organizes spa retreat weekends for cancer patients. Here, I've attached my speech as written and a small clip from that evening. If I were to turn the clock back to a warm Monday evening in May of 2007, I would remember a phone call I got at 8 pm from my breast surgeon. I was 38 years old and for the first time ever I heard the words, "You have cancer.” I really hadn’t begun to comprehend what I was about to endure. Once foreign words such as tumor markers, chemotherapy, and radiation were now quickly becoming part of my daily vocabulary. My friends and family, whil

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