500 on 50

When I turned 10 I got a puppy, my sweet Dewey. I loved him with my whole heart and became a ‘dog-person’ from that very moment. When I turned 20 I said goodbye to my teen years and began counting the days to 21 because turning 20 meant I still had to remember how to spell Azita Khashavarsi, the name on my fake ID. When I turned 30 I’d just had my second child – I was sleep deprived and deliriously happy and loving my little Connor-bean and our son Peter’s new role as big brother. My family was complete, and I was content. When I turned 40 I’d just finished chemo. I was bloated, exhausted, out of work, and unsure of the future; plus, what little hair I had looked like crap. Hey 40 … you suck

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