Confessions from the Chemo Chair #3

Confessions from the Chemo Chair#3: Uprising by Muse is rocking my little medicated planet today. I need to pump myself up, get myself motivated, and get moving. I've hit the wall of chemo fatigue. Really tired of being a patient. Really tired of being bald. Really tired of being tired. Still so much farther ahead mentally than where I am physically and as wonderful as it was to ease back into the world of the working-my body is still so freaking exhausted. I'm beyond ready to see all this steadily shrinking in my rear view mirror...unfortunately today when I gazed into the mirror the only thing I saw was 'Got Rogaine?'

Confessions from the Chemo Chair #2

Confessions from the Chemo Chair#2: Chilling in the chemo cosmos and reminding myself to be more zen and let go by kicking off the second round with The Beatles "Let It Be." Love, love, love that song. As I watch the swift exodus of hair from my head and the constant drip of the IV, I alternate between feeling blessed and poisoned. Come on Ativan-get me too buzzed to care. Two down, two to go!

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