Saving Second Base

“Nobody on the road. Nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, the summer's out of reach. Empty lake, empty streets, the sun goes down alone. I'm driving by your house, though I know you're not home” -Don Henley “The Boys Of Summer” I love this song and I loved it for years before ever finding out it was not just about summer romance and summer’s end, but it was also a nod to baseball. THOSE boys of summer. Tonight I’m listening to the sound of a ballgame on the TV down the hall. As the days have grown shorter and cooler my hair has been steadily growing longer. My boys are back in school. Life just a few weeks ago, loose and sand-filled, is now more structured and defined. I hate to

Praying At The Church Of Rock And Roll

“A million miles away, your signal in the distance…to whom it may concern. I think I lost my way. Getting good at starting over every time that I return” -Foo Fighters “Walk” How do you soothe? How do you comfort? Not others-yourself, because sometimes that’s just the way things work out. I think it’s easy to comfort others. Sometimes it doesn’t even require words…just a hug, a sympathetic ear, or the offer to buy the next round. But soothing yourself? Getting inside your head and talking yourself down from the ledge? That’s tough and there are times that propping yourself up, giving yourself the old ‘one for the Gipper’ speech is not only your best option-it’s your only option. On Sept

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